Amlot notes

We can’t love your kids …

… like you love your kids.

Perspective, proximity and emotional connection are everything. And yeah, you’re biased. We cannot see the world the way you see it. But we can understand that it’s different to how we see it.

How do your customers see the world?

What language do they speak? Not English or French, but rather the kind of language they react to. Is there a way of communicating with them that makes them feel reassured, interested, curious and eager?

You might love your product, but why should anyone else?

They might love what it does for them. Can you explain that to them clearly and efficiently?

The better you communicate about your product or service, the faster a customer can find out if it’s right for them, or if they’re actually after something completely different. It’s good to know.

The earlier the better.

This Amlot note was published on

October 11, 2023