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Successful communication for start-ups – Part 4. What do you want me to do?

Everything you write and display on your website has one purpose: to get me to engage with your product. 

Your text, your images, your design and layout all point to one simple call to action. 

What is it? 

Don’t waste it on “learn more” or “sign up”. This is your big chance. 

And sure, buttons are great. But what if you simply explained to your reader what you want them to do, and then gave them a really easy way of doing it.

A good tip is to create a call to action that can’t be ignored. So, rather than saying “buy now” and giving the reader an easy way out, ask a question where there isn’t a “no” option.

Try it. Humour us with a call to action that we can’t refuse. Send it to and see what we say.

Bonus tip: We think it’s a good idea to collect email addresses and *then* sell the product. But we think that generic “Mike from ACME Gadgets” drip campaigns are tired and boring. They’ve given you permission to contact them, to captivate them, to wow them. They’re standing in your shop and you’re throwing generic leaflets at them.

This Amlot note was published on

October 11, 2023