Read these 5 simple tips before you launch your next website

Successful communication for start-ups

Part 1. Forget the product

In the first part of our five-part series, we discuss why you should concentrate less on your product and more on what it can do for me.

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Part 2. Speak my language

If you’re pitching a start-up, your main site is probably in English. But what kind of English? Let's see if we can work out who your site is for.

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Part 3. Be honest. Be proud. Be brave.

If your product is as good as you think it is, you don’t need to use any of the tricks others do. Just be honest, clear, transparent, proud and brave. 

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Part 4. What do you want me to do?

Everything you write and display on your website has one purpose: to get me to engage with your product. Tell me what you want me to do.

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Part 5. Change the world!

No one founded a start-up to make the world worse than it is. Go on, change the world! Otherwise, why are you doing it?

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