OK, funny ha ha. We get it. Great joke.

But there’s a serious point here. We built this website with Webflow, and they don’t set cookies themselves. You get a completely bare-bones website from them, if that’s what you want.

Unless, unless of course, you do what everyone else does, and add Google Analytics, HubSpot tracking, an intercom chatbot, a third-party pop-up and any number of different things.

Because those things are often free, and if it’s free, then someone’s paying, usually with personal data and tracking profiles. If that’s your business, we think you should be open with your users about it.

So we deliberately decided to build a website without any of that.

What’s that you say? But how do we track how many people visit our website and which pages they view? 

Well, there’s a simple answer to that question. Those things are very relevant if you're creating a large website with content that changes often, or if you have a large catalogue of products you're selling. Or – of course – if you’re making money from clicks to ads and want to incessantly track what your visitors are clicking on. For most websites, most of the time, your visitor statistics will not change that much over time (except, hopefully, for a gradual increase over time).

Amlot is about engaging with people to share information about elegant and efficient communication. We want people to like our presentation, contact us and hire us to do work for them. The only real metric we’re interested in here is the work we can do. And we don’t need Google Analytics for that.

We’re not against tracking per se. We think it can be very valuable and give important feedback and answers to very specific questions. But we think tracking should be transparent and clear, and the benefit to the user sharing their data should be explained to them in a straightforward way.

“We share your data with third parties to improve our service to you” is a lie.

“We set cookies to show you more news” is a lie.

“We let a huge number of third party companies you've never heard of see what you read on the internet because they have a legitimate interest” is a lie.

We don't like lies. They’re not elegant and they're not efficient.