Stop serving your customers – Start delighting them

The first communication you have with your customer is often through your website, a contact form, or an automated email.

Sometimes those customers are left standing, navigating their way through an automated system of confirmation emails.

Have you ever heard someone say “Yeah, but that email was sent automatically”?

Just because an email is sent automatically, doesn’t mean it can’t be elegant and efficient. (And no hard feelings guys, but don’t let your IT people write your emails.)

Introducing Amlot Delight

You send a welcome email when someone joins your mailing list. Or perhaps an automated reply when someone asks for support.

When was the last time you signed up as a customer would and tested the flow?

Imagine if a customer was standing in front of you in your office. Would you give her the same generic information that you give to everyone, or would you engage with her personally?

Here’s to a better way of communicating with potential and existing customers.

Amlot will:

  • Analyse all your existing online communication language and interactions.
  • Analyse the workflow when people contact you.
  • Streamline your communication to make it congruent, on-brand and efficient (”Your ticket number is XXX” might not be the most elegant way of talking to a prospective customer).
  • Suggest changes to your language where needed.
  • Draft all communication touchpoints with the customer.
  • Set up your emails in all standard email software to make them match your brand, as far as the software allows.
  • Develop the logic for friendly, customer-focused auto-replies and templates for your own use.
  • Test, test and test.

You might be using a sophisticated system to send your messages. But did you get professional help to create the messaging flow itself?

The days of sending an email from “noreply” with a boilerplate message that was drafted three years ago by someone in IT are over.

Let’s start a dialogue and see where it takes us.

Trust is the beginning of any customer relationship. And that begins with permission to contact you.
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