Case study – email marketing

Imagine you send an email newsletter*. It’s sent out once a month to everyone on your list. Sometimes (more often than you care to admit) you have to rush to get it done – the end of the month seems to come round faster and faster.

i.e. you send your message to your list – when you’re ready.

We’ll help you turn this chain of events around and start with the customer. Who is she? Where does she live? What is she interested in? Why did she sign up?

And then we’ll discuss the real question here: What can you do for her?

If the answer is nothing, that’s cool. We’ll find other customers. But we won’t spend 8 hours at the end of every month preparing an email to send her which she doesn’t really need but is too polite to unsubscribe from.

We remember a colleague wondering whether our email looked a bit “too much like advertising”. It was advertising. We were pretending that it was something else. Once we admitted what we were doing, we became more focused.

* We’ll also encourage you to stop calling them “newsletters”. Unless you’re a church or a hobby association. You’re probably trying to sell something, so call it what it is: marketing.