Amlot helps start-ups

Working with start-ups over the past years, we’ve found many of them have a similar experience.

They love their product!

They love talking about their product. They’re good at that. But they’re not always good at explaining why their product might be good for me, or someone else.

They’re full of energy.

They’re eager and hard-working. But they’re not always focussed on doing the right thing now, and the right thing next. Sometimes tweaking the code takes precedence over selling and shipping.

How Amlot helps.

At Amlot, we irritate the hell out of start-ups by pedantically analysing the benefits of their product or service and helping them create a messaging basis on which to build their communication. We help them answer the question “Why should I care?”

Then we sit down with them and ask them a simple question: What are you going to do next? Literally, i.e. every day for the next 30 days. We don’t care whether you’re using Jira, Asana, Basecamp or Post-Its, we care about helping you and your team find a joint focus to wrap up that subject that’s been flying around for ages. Launch that site, publish that blog, ship that version.

And yes, it’s a hell of a buzzword, but we do think that “done is better than perfect”. Amlot will help you get what you need right now.

The Amlot products

We offer two simple products to help you: Amlot Text and Amlot Team. We know from experience that they’ll get you one step closer to the success you’ve been working for.

Your next step

Your next step is simple, quick and free. Talk to one of the Amlot founders. No sales pitch, no “let’s jump on a call with our customer success manager”, no Hubspot onboarding hell. Just a frank and open discussion of what you want and what you need, today.

If you're not quite ready for a call yet, or if you have a specific question, send us a message. You can also write directly to