Jason Miller

The Finer Points
“Amlot have been a pleasure to work with. They have proven to be flexible to our needs and frequently get projects up and running without our needing to push much at all. This allows them to bring it to me in a state where it just needs the critical pieces put in place, which saves me time and money. They have a measurable impact on our productivity and growth and I strongly recommend them.”
Jason Miller
Business area
Jason Miller is a flight instructor with a YouTube channel, a podcast, an Instagram channel, a Patreon community and a flight instruction app for the iPad
The challenge
Jason is a wonderful communicator and produces new educational content every week. With the various channels he manages, he wanted to consolidate his activities and make sure his new content was being shared reliably and effectively across his whole community. In short, he needed help juggling a lot of balls at one time.
Our contribution
We talked to Jason about the core interest in his work and which channels were most important to him personally. We helped him concentrate less on channels like Facebook and Twitter and focus on those channels that were most valuable to him. We set up a content calendar, rebuilt his email newsletter, tweaked his YouTube descriptions, chapters and captions and made sure that his followers are kept up-to-date with his newest content.
The result
Jason has the peace of mind that someone is looking after his various channels and making sure that his audience is being looked after so that he can concentrate on creating new educational content for student pilots.