Wolfgang Meyer
“We've worked with Jonathan on various marketing projects over the past few years. It's always been a pleasure and we've been able to make some very valuable improvements with tangible results.“
Wolfgang Meyer
Business area is one of the largest music retailers in Germany. They were one of the very first bricks-and-mortar businesses to build a solid and successful online business, promoting their core values of internet efficiency and professional and personal service.
The challenge had a very large active customer base, but did not have clear communication processes to look after those existing customers. Everyone was treated the same way, whether you visited the site for the first time or the 20th time.
Our contribution
In creative discussions with the management, we talked about simple and effective ways of re-engaging with existing customers, including personal postcards, calls and recommendations, all serving to remind the customers that they weren't just a number in a system. We also updated their email newsletter and made a number of suggestions to tweak the communication with a customer during and after their order on the website.
The result
Customers reacted positively to the reminder that they had a personal relationship with the staff at The staff reported that they enjoyed getting personal feedback from customers, and that this helped them improve the service they provide.