Stefan Malzner

“If you need help with your marketing then please go straight to this guy. I worked with him on a new onboarding campaign and the outcome was quite amazing. 👏 Go! hire him! Now!“
Stefan Malzner
Business area
Franz is a multi-service communication tool. It lets you use Slack, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and a long list of other tools all in one app.
The challenge
With more than a million active users, the people at Franz wanted to improve their signup procedures and their onboarding campaign, and ultimately convert more users into paying customers. The existing experience did not reflect the style and efficiency of the product itself.
Our contribution
We first worked on the logic of onboarding a new user and set up an automation flow in We then developed a communication style together with the Franz team to reinforce their brand and nurture their relationship with their users. We also then designed an upgrade trigger and notification process that invites users to pay, but in a transparent and efficient way, i.e. without spamming them and being completely up front about the benefits.
The result
The main immediate result was a dramatic increase in account activation, through timed reminders and clear language. The second result was a clear increase in signups to paying accounts through the improved upgrade flow.