Mykola Bubelich

“Amlot took time to learn about our work and put it into words. They really helped us explain what we’re good at. The collaboration was very efficient and pleasant. We are happy – great work!”
Mykola Bubelich
Business area
The challenge
Belichberg are very experienced software developers. But there are a lot of developers in the market. CEO Mykola Bubelich wanted to focus more on the value they bring to their clients – projects completed on time and on budget.
Our contribution
Amlot helped Belichberg present themselves in a way that concentrates on the result and the value for the customer, not the work done. We discussed their business goals at length and found out what the most valuable part is for the customer. We then designed a new messaging architecture and rewrote all the texts for the website.
The result
Results are something Belichberg is known for. Now visitors to the website can quickly see how Belichberg will help them turn their business idea into reality, on-time and on-budget.